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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine 2017-05-26 14:21:59 by Mike Lightbourn
Maintaining and even boosting your Bahamas property value isn’t as difficult as it may seem.
The trick is to stay on top of repairs
As simplistic as it sounds, the truth is many home owners put off maintaining and repairing worn and broken items until their Bahamas home becomes run down and those small little repairs become big challenges.
Take wall cracks.
First they’re hairline thin. Over a period of time, the steel supports in the walls rust and expand, putting pressure on the concrete.
The thin cracks grow larger and larger as the rust builds up inside the walls. Instead of dealing with the problem right away, the rust spreads. Large chunks of concrete must now be jackhammered or chiselled out the wall. Instead of treating the steel, it may need to be chopped out and replaced.
Instead of minor repair costs, the homeowner is left with a very messy job and a significant bill.
Here are a few ways to protect the value of your Bahamas home.
Immediate Action
Tackle those minor repairs before they become major repairs. As soon as you realise there’s a problem, fix it or hire a repairman. Maintaining your home will save you money in the future and will help the home maintain its value.
Keep it Clean
This is such an easy one,
Keep your home clean and it will look better, feel better and smell better. Treat the home regularly for pests. This goes for the garage as well. Pay special attention to your home after any major storm or hurricane. Replace missing shingles and damaged shutters and so on.
Curb Appeal
The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. The first thing people see is the outside of a home and this is what will make the first impression.
Simply raking and mowing the lawn will boost your property value. An unkempt yard and rusty fencing will drag down the value.
Look after your Bahamas property and it will look after you. Questions? Email me at ask@cbbahamas.com.
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