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Lessons from Irma 2017-09-18 11:37:26 by Mike Lightbourn

The last two weeks have been trying for the Bahamas.
Week one was spent monitoring, prepping and bracing for Hurricane Irma. A lot of people were on edge as the giant storm moved towards us, mindful of the terrible blow Hurricane Harvey dealt Houston.
In week two, the vast majority of Bahamians breathed a sigh of relief - Irma had spared their lives and homes, but caused catastrophic damage in some our our sparsely populated islands, in the Caribbean and across Florida.
Fortunately, we have a strong building code in the Bahamas.
The conventional Bahamas homes are well built and the roofs are secured with hurricane straps.
Global warming is a very real threat.
In the coming years, it would be wise to place more emphasis on protecting our lives and our Bahamas homes.
How do we proceed?
For those who can afford it, catastrophic insurance is an obvious choice, especially if you live on the coast or in low lying areas.
Policy holders should read the fine print to see exactly what their plan covers. For instance, is flooding covered?
For those who canít afford insurance, it is important to hurricane proof your home as much as possible.
This means keeping trees trimmed to hopefully avoid roof damage. The roof should be kept in good repair. It should be tied to the trussing or rafter with hurricane straps as I mentioned above.
If you live in a coastal or low lying area, you are more at risk. Consult a professional to learn what you can do to protect your Bahamas property.
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