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2017-01-19 13:12:01 by Athena Mabon
(Photo:Mailin Sands) The dazzling blues and turquoises of the Sea of Abaco pull us to this beautiful chain of islands in the northwest Bahamas time and time again. Abaco conjures up visions of beautiful white sand beaches, pretty historic villages, fantastic fishing and an amazing... [more]
2017-01-06 14:48:01 by
Sometimes, the smallest backyards make the biggest splash, especially with the outdoor colours of the Bahamas. There are tons of ways to open up limited space for maximum use. Building an elevated deck is a fast and efficient way to boost backyard space, providing two levels – dining on... [more]
2016-12-23 10:20:19 by Athena Mabon
The holiday season’s in full swing throughout the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. Palm trees and the traditional Christmas trees imported from the north are dressed in fairy lights, sand dollars and ornaments. The glorious sound of Christmas carols reverberates throughout our churches... [more]
2016-12-12 10:41:50 by
I just love the way these marble fish scale tiles work with our Bahamas homes. They’ve become quite the rage as home owners move away from subway tile to this new personalised and unique look. Hand painted, the Moroccan tile picks up the beautiful shades of the sea surrounding the... [more]
2016-12-02 14:24:42 by Athena Mabon
Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year! December’s rolled in with beautiful sunny days, punctuated by the occasional cool front, and lots of fun events. This is a great time to call the Bahamas home. The holiday celebrations are already underway with the 4th edition... [more]
2016-11-25 12:49:36 by
Even when the sun sets in the west, the beautiful light of evening often streaks the water and sky at the eastern end of the island. The exclusive enclave of Port New Providence is a great place to watch the changing light as the sun shifts across the sky. The Port is a boat lover’s... [more]
2016-11-08 12:03:08 by Athena Mabon
After a day in the dazzling sunlight on Harbour Island’s three mile pink beach, there’s something so satisfying about returning to the cool white interior of Allamanda House. This six bed/six bath Harbour Island home is an island delight with a large rooftop deck capturing views of the... [more]
2016-10-31 10:42:45 by Athena Mabon
This Thierry Despont gem pays tribute to the sea and light. It could be the soft pink pastels of the morning sky, or the sparkling turquoise of the Atlantic Ocean at noon or the flaming clouds surrounding a setting sun. The floor to ceiling windows capture the different shades of light... [more]
2016-10-21 11:55:19 by
As its name implies, Ocean House is positioned to drink in the amazing aqua seascapes that Exuma’s so famous for. Built on solid a rocky headland, this 4 bed, 4.5 bath beauty celebrates the sea with views through the many large windows and glass sliding doors. Eat, live and sleep in... [more]
2016-10-12 14:24:33 by
It is amazing how the sea, churned up in all the froth and fury of hurricane anger, returns to tame tranquility in such a short space of time. The sea has always attracted Bahamas property buyers who find the exquisite hues of aqua, blue and green irresistible. Imagine living on... [more]
2016-10-03 11:43:05 by
Hurricane Matthew is scheduled to pass through the Bahamas and all homeowners should be prepared. If you live by the sea or in a low lying area, you are particularly susceptible to flood damage. Stock up on water and supplies, including medicine, batten down and have an evacuation... [more]
2016-09-23 14:25:35 by
Did anyone see the Harvest Moon the other night? From our vantage point off Rose Island, we watched the sun set to the west in an explosion of pinks and oranges and every shade in between. A minute later, the great big orange ball of the Harvest Moon glided over the horizon to... [more]
2016-09-16 13:07:44 by Athena Mabon
h Summerwind – the name of this island beauty – captures all the charm and comfort an elegant Abaco home could ask for. Located on Green Turtle Cay, this prime parcel of Abaco property stretches from sea to sea and has its own beautiful white sand beach and boat dock. It has lovely... [more]
2016-08-30 16:12:35 by
Imagine waking up every morning to a view like this. On the back doorstep, the dazzling turquoise sea laps the brilliant white sand of Sugar Beach on Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. No beach shack here! This roomy seafront home is light and airy with five bedrooms and... [more]
2016-08-24 11:54:10 by Athena Mabon
Photo by Peters Billiards - Discover beach style deck design inspiration August is the hottest month of the year in the Bahamas and a lot of people are tempted to crank up the ac and stay inside their homes. What a waste of summer! It may be sizzling under the sun, but the trade winds often... [more]
2016-08-12 15:42:21 by Athena Mabon
When he looked down at the Bahamas from space, astronaut Scott Kelly would tweet about the beauty of our islands. “Been hanging out with the Bahamas again. It never gets old.” Or: “The strokes of your watercolours are always a refreshing sight.” Back on earth, Kelly accepted an... [more]
2016-07-25 10:12:07 by
... [more]
2016-07-18 12:27:05 by
Every day, nature paints a spectacular picture at this 2 bed/2 bath penthouse at Conchrest on West Bay Street in Nassau. The seascape never gets old with the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean in all her moods and year round sunsets of pink, gold and red and every colour in between. Located in a... [more]
2016-07-12 11:42:09 by
... [more]
2016-07-04 14:07:13 by
... [more]
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