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LONG AND SKINNY, LONG ISLAND is a contrast of soft white sand beaches and rocky cliffs. Each feature has one thing in common – beauty. Long Island Bahamas real estate is special.

The contrasting coastlines stretch for 80 miles. No more than four miles at its widest point, Long Island is divided by the Tropic of Cancer.

The northeast part of Long Island Bahamas has sloping cliffs, while low hillsides make up the southern portion of the island.

Long Island people are one of the most – if not the most – industrious people in the Bahamas. Buy Bahamas real estate in Long Island today and find out for yourself!

Originally called ‘Yuma’ by the Arawak Indians, Christopher Columbus renamed Long Island 'Fernandina' on his New World voyage to the Bahamas in 1492.

The Lucayan Taino settled on Long Island as they did throughout the Bahamas. Sadly, these gentle people were taken as slaves to Hispaniola and Cuba and the population was wiped out. The next set of settlers to arrive in Long island Bahamas was the Loyalists after the American Revolution.

The Loyalists left the southern states out of loyalty to the British Crown.

Many of them settled, some using the Long Island real estate as cotton plantations and others raising cattle and sheep. Long Island people became known as ‘sheep runners.’

The Long Island Bahamas plantations thrived for a few years until the crop was attacked by a pest. When slavery ended in 1834, most of them had failed. Ruins exist today, scattered throughout the bush of Long Island.

Long Island Bahamas History

Long Island people make up for size – population about 3,000 – in their hard work.

Long Island is the leading stock-rearing island in the Bahamas. The farmers grow corn, peas, bananas, pineapples and other crops. Some of the best straw work comes out of Long Island.

Clarence Town is the prettiest harbour town in Long Island. It's known for its beautiful twin churches, located on two hilltops: St. Paul's Anglican Church and St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Catholic Church. A Father Jerome designed the Anglican Church. After converting to Catholicism, he designed the Roman Catholic Church.

Clarence Town has shops, a harbour with dock, harbour bar-restaurant, several bays and beaches. Just south of the town are the historic inland salt ponds.

Long Island offers superb scuba diving, bone fishing and beautiful beaches. A number of truly wonderful resorts serve visitors to Long Island.

The quiet villages and lonely stretches are a balm to the soul.

In terms of Bahamas real estate, indications are that Long Island is on the threshold of being discovered. Now is the time to buy Long Island Bahamas real estate, before more development drives up the cost.

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