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Church Out, Crab Crawlin'

2017-07-21 09:32:29 by: Athena Mabon

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The summer rains herald "Crab Season," a much anticipated time in the islands of the Bahamas.
The land crabs, laden with eggs, crawl to the sea to give birth to hundreds of thousands of babies.
It is a remarkable sight - the crab crawl from the bush to the sea.
Locals take to the bush with flashlights, sticks for ferreting crabs from under rocks, and all manner of sacks for holding the crabs.
Once caught, they are caged and over the next few days, watered and fed a diet of fruit scraps and bread to fatten and sweeten them up.
Our Bahamas homes bustle with activity as the traditional preparation of a feast starts.
Over the next few weeks, the crabs are cooked up in the most delectable dishes imaginable.
The sweet and spicy smell of ingredients that go in the pot send the most delicious scents wafting through our Bahamas homes.
Crab topped with a layer of homemade dough and steamed to perfection, and crab and rice - the most amazing rice dish cooked in a delicious broth laced with fragrant crab fat, their eggs and the biters and bodies. The rice is served with crispy fried fish cutlets and slaw.
Then there are the soups and stews -wonderful concoctions of crab, conch, okra, tomatoes and spareribs, corn, plantain and sweet yam.
The piece de la resistance are the stuffed baked crab backs crab meat and fat tossed in savoury bread stuffing of minced tomatoes, onion, celery, peppers and fresh thyme and baked in the shell.
This is the ultimate in the Bahamas foodie experience.
Entire songs in the Bahamas are devoted to the humble crab, notably "Who Put the Crab Fat in the Rice?" and "Church Out, Crab Crawlin'."
The island of Andros, in particular, is noted for the annual crab crawl. Andros boasts the second largest off shore barrier reef in the world and all sorts of natural wonders, including blue holes, deep sea fishing and primeval forests.
It is an adventurer's paradise.
Athena Mabon

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