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Discover Cat Island | Untapped by Man, yet Filled with Culture & History

2018-12-03 09:23:54 by: Margaret Glynatsis

Just thinking about Cat Island I instantly hear the echoes of the sweet sounds of Rake & Scrape music. Faces glowing and filled passion as musicians beat on Goombay drums and scrap a carpenters saw. Singing “ohh Cat Island “ as they play melodious tunes on the concertina.

I remember my first visit to Cat Island a few years back, I was speechless from all of the natural beauty. Every inch was breathtaking and it’s untouched landscape made for an ideal spot for those looking to unplug, relax and simply do nothing or in the same breath do it all.

Of course one of the natural questions to ask would be “ where did Cat Island get it’s name from ?” ... and no, it’s not because the island was overtaken by herds of cats back in the day, but truth be told it was named after an infamous pirate, Arthur Cat in 1926. Rumour has it he was a close friend of Blackbeard who would also frequently visited the island. They would seek refuge in the Lucayan Indian caves that can be found in Port Howe on the southern side of Cat Island.

Filled with rich history and culture, Cat Island is 48 miles long and has a population of give or take somewhere around 2,000. Located in Central Bahamas, Cat Island also has the nations highest point, Mount Alvernia which rises some 206ft. Monsignor John Hawes, a Roman Catholic priest used local stone to build The Hermitage on the peak of Mount Alvernia in 1939, resembling a small medieval monastery where the entire Cat island can be seen.

Discover the birthplace of The Bahamas’ indigenous rake and scrape music, along with numerous myths and folklore that still hold a place in Bahamian culture today. You will also find the plot of land where Oscar winning Actor Sir Sidney Poitier’s boyhood home once stood.

What people love about Cat Island most including myself is the ability to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of every day life. It’s untouched by tourism, miles of pink soft sandy beaches surrounded by dramatic cliffs can be found stretching for miles without a soul on them. It’s also a superb destination for diving off the southern shore where marine life and coral can be found in abundance.

Filled with so much charm & history you can completely live off the grid but still have all the amenities you desire at your fingertips.

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