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Free to Fly in 'Briland

2017-03-17 12:46:17 by: Athena Mabon

Photo of the Harbour Island real estate.
(Photo:Athena Mabon)

Every Spring, our Bahamas homes took on a magical quality as the air outside turned thick with butterflies and dragon flies.
As children, we caught them in delicate fish nets to examine and then free..
These jeweled insects arenít nearly as prolific as they used to be in Nassau due to loss of habitat and pesticides. However, theyíre found in many of our Family islands, such as Harbour Island ('Briland).
They're attracted to the pretty flowering weeds that sprinkle vacant land and provide a source of nectar.
There are nearly 70 species of butterflies in the Bahamas.
The good news is, itís easy to create a butterfly habitat at your own Bahamas home. Any garden can attract butterflies with nectar, water and a safe haven for reproducing.
The trick is to plant large blocks of colourful native plants, such as sweet pea plumbego, sage, penta, lantana and ruellia brittoniana (aka wild pertunias).
These can be found in most gardens in the Bahamas.
For butterflies to lay eggs and reproduce on your property, youíll need host plants such as cassia and oleander. Thatís because butterflies will only lay their eggs on or near plants their caterpillars will eat.
Butterflies are cold-blooded. They need sun to warm up and get moving in the morning. No shortage of that in the Bahamas!
Butterfly gardens are easy to create. A wonderful and rewarding hobby!
Imagine creating a butterfly habitat at this beautiful Harbour Island home.