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Got the Bathroom Blues?

2017-03-10 09:42:30 by: Athena Mabon

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Glass. Itís all the rage now. From the kitchen to the bathroom, glass is making a big splash in remodels.
We love the sea glass effect. It fits in perfectly with our Bahama homes. And itís timeless.
Itís particularly lovely in the Bahamas beach homes, but glass works well in any home in our islands.
Choosing a colour and design may be challenging because of all the options Ė textured, multi-paned, frosted and so on. Then there are the various colours. A simple rule is to go with something that conforms to the rest of your home.
Classic clear glass is always a safe choice for any style home.
But I have to tell you, we celebrate the amazing colours of our islands and blues, aqua and minty green work well with the environment.
Nothing too bold mind you. But delicate blue green glass feels fresh and invigorating and conjures up visions of splashing in in our gin clear water with its myriad shades of blue, aqua and green.

Hereís a Harbour Island beachfront listing worthy of the best glass shower enclosure.
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