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It's a Boat, It's a Plane...

2017-05-26 14:08:41 by: Athena Mabon

Photo of Exuma real estate (Photo:Athena Mabon)

It's really a boat plane

You can always count on something out of the ordinary happening when you spend a day in the enchanting Exuma Cays south east of Nassau.

A barracuda may snatch a snapper off your rod in mid-air or a shark may grab that nice fresh Mahi you thought you'd be grilling for dinner.

You may spot a huge green turtle sunbathing on the surface of the cobalt blue ocean.

Then again, you may watch a boat plane circle lazily overhead before landing aft of your stern.

Shelling on the sand spit off Saddle Back Cay, we watched the boat plane a Zodiac type craft with wings and a propeller cruise overhead before landing in the gin clear water and taxiing to the beach.

Another day in Paradise.

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