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Meet Exuma's Three Sisters

2017-05-05 13:44:54 by: Athena Mabon

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Even when a rage is running and you're confined to shore, the island of Great Exuma offers miles and miles of beautiful coastline to explore.

From Rolleville in the west to Hartswell in the east, Great Exuma is one of the most attention-grabbing islands in the Bahamas with its long stretches of pristine powder white beaches kissed by brilliant turquoise sea, hilltop vistas, secret coves and plantation ruins.

Exuma property owners love rambling along the shore, beach combing and drinking in the amazing scenery served up on this island in paradise.

A favourite place to grill and chill is a place called Three Sisters Rock. There are several lovely Exuma homes in the area.

How did the striking rock formation take shape?

Legend has it that in days of yore, an English captain arrived in the Bahamas by ship to search for treasure.

A powerful storm drove him to Great Exuma where he met three beautiful sisters. The captain fell in love with each of them.

Alas, the day came when he had to pull anchor and sail away from his Exuma home.

One after the other, the love smitten sisters jumped into the sea to follow his ship.

Each one drowned and froze in time in the form of a rock.

Today, this romantic legend lives on in the shape of the three rocks silhouetted against the incredible aqua of the Exuma sea.

Three Sisters is a popular recreational spot with Exuma home owners as well as a favourite wedding venue.

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