Renee Reines

Role: Sales Agent
Office: Nassau
Phone: (242) 601-6500
Mobile : (242) 816-0090

Renee, originally from New York, discovered her passion for The Bahamas in 1989 and has since made Nassau her permanent residence. Transitioning from a successful 25-year career in pharmacy, where she held notable positions such as the president of the Bahamas Pharmacy Association and served both internationally and locally, Renee has seamlessly shifted her expertise to the real estate industry.

Her diverse background, including an Associate of Arts degree in Culinary Arts and multiple certifications in Pilates, reflects her versatile and dynamic personality. Renee's love for travel and exceptional people skills have naturally led her to excel in real estate, particularly in the luxury market.

With years of experience in high-end vacation rentals and property management, focusing on exclusive Bahamian properties, Renee has honed her skills in understanding clients' unique needs. As a licensed real estate agent with the Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA), she brings a unique blend of professional experience and personal insight, making her adept at navigating the complexities of the Bahamian property market. Her adaptability and extensive knowledge, gained from her diverse career choices, make her an invaluable asset to those looking to buy, sell, or manage properties in The Bahamas.

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