Private Islands for Sale in the Bahamas. It’s the ultimate fantasy. First, you check to see if there are any private islands for sale in the Bahamas. You contact a broker, who tells you which private islands are for sale. With a little bit of luck, the dream comes true. You buy your own private island in the Bahamas. A place to escape all the pressures of life; to get lost in the beauty, to enjoy the complete and utter freedom of owning your own island kingdom. Think of sultry summer days – even in December – of plunking in the gin clear water, stretching out on the warm powder white sand, drinking fresh coconut water, catching and feasting on fresh fish caught off your own Bahamas private island. The rich and famous have found private islands for sale here. They’ve turned islands into their own private retreats in the Bahamas.


Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp fell in love with Exuma Bahamas while filming on location, drawn by the incredible beauty of the turquoise and sea green seascapes of the islands. Depp bought his own Bahamas private island – Little Halls Pond Cay, which was for sale in Exuma in the southern Bahamas. Magician David Copperfield found four private islands with homes for sale in the southern Bahamas. The 150-acre Musha Cay in Exuma is his most private island resort. Three other islands are privacy shields. It’s reported he rents his private island paradise for $325,000 a week to celebs. Nicholas Cage purchased the private Bahamas island of Leaf Cay for a reported $3 million when it was for sale in 2006. He already owned a luxury home on Paradise Island in Nassau Bahamas. And actor Eddie Murphy is linked to Rooster Cay, another private island in the Bahamas.

What’s the allure of owning your own private island? We spoke to a business tycoon who owned shares in a private island in the Bahamas. He explained it like this: “Have you ever dreamed of creating your own little world where you are the king? You create the rules and regulations of how your property will be managed and who you will be allowed to visit? For the rich and famous, a private island is the ultimate symbol of success. Privacy, exclusivity and total control act as a magnet.” Typically, people in entertainment and exclusive resort developers buy private islands for sale in the Bahamas. The best way to find a private island in the Bahamas is through a local broker who is familiar with the real estate laws and can help you navigate through unfamiliar territory. The Bahamas’ islands are natural – unlike Dubai. Our island owner told us the Bahamas islands are more gorgeous in their natural beauty “because God doesn’t make mistakes.”


What’s the most important thing buyers should know before purchasing a private island when it goes on sale? The cost. Building and infrastructure can be very costly. Think about it, every concrete block, every screw has to be imported from the mainland. Proximity and access to larger islands with airport and shopping is also very important. One of the biggest challenges is finding the right person to manage the private island. First off, can they deal with the isolation for long periods? Can they repair generators, water makers and boat engines? Can they handle a boat and are they experienced mariners? Do they know how to prepare and weather a bad storm?

The biggest mistake a buyer can make is not getting enough information on the costs and government permits required to develop an island. Again, having a knowledgeable and experienced licensed Bahamas real estate broker to represent them in a sale is a must. In the past, clients have bought private islands in the Bahamas through outside real estate brokers who knew absolutely nothing about the Bahamas and this has resulted in many problems. Buyers should know the island’s elevations, beaches, water depth surrounding the island for easy access by boat, docks and so on. They must know if the private island for sale in the Bahamas is part of a national park where building, dredging and fishing may not be allowed. They also need to know if there are any government and environmental restrictions. An option is to buy a home or property on one of the inhabited out islands in the Bahamas that provide air transport or ferry service. These islands have tons of gorgeous, isolated beaches and secret coves. You’re Bahamas broker will be able to tell you what’s for sale. You’re away from it all, but if you want, you can drive to a village for a grilled fish meal and ice cold beer, and to listen to the little island band.

Private islands are for sale in the Bahamas. If you’d like more information, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist. Eleuthera has historically drawn the rich and famous because of its enchanting beauty. One of the modern day fans is Lenny Kravitz who has his own chunk of Eleuthera real estate – Gregory Town Sound. The studio was completed early in 2009. Kravitz told The Eleutheran newspaper that Eleuthera is ‘a dream place to work.’ The studio in Eleuthera was the realization of a 20 year dream. “There’s no other place I’d want to record,’ he told The Eleutheran.  Lenny’s naval string is buried in the Bahamas. His maternal grandfather hailed from Inagua in the southern Bahamas. TYLER PERRY’S ELEUTHERA FILM American playwright, actor and director Tyler Perry has purchased Eleuthera real estate. Perry's used Eleuthera as the backdrop of his new film “Why Did I Get Married Too”. “I wanted to come here and show people how beautiful the ( Eleuthera ) is,” Perry told The Nassau Guardian. “I just highlighted the islands of the Bahamas, the pink sands, the sunset.”