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Done Reach!

2014-05-16 16:40:21 by: AD
Done Reach

The Best in Exuma Real Estate!

We have a saying in the Bahamas. “I done reach.” Literally translated, “I have arrived.” Now, “I done reach” can mean a number of things. It can mean “I finally arrived at my destination.” It also means, “I've made it! I've realised my dream.” That's why Done Reach in Exuma is so appropriately named. Whoever ends up owning this peace of paradise can certainly claim they ‘done reach.” This is more than a lovely property that makes you feel at home the second you step foot in the door. It occupies a most enviable spot in the Book of Location in Exuma Real Estate. Done Reach is perched on a two acre parcel overlooking beautiful Moriah Harbour – an incredibly beautiful cluster of islets set in the most exquisite shade of turquoise sea in a protected marine park. A full deck nearly 70 feet above sea level tops the main residence with breath-taking views of the nearby islands. On an island prized for second homes, Done Reach occupies a truly special place in Exuma real estate. Listing Details