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Reaching Out to Our Four Legged Friends

2014-04-08 16:33:58 by: Shirley Carroll

Every Abaco Home Deserves a Dog!

What's an Abaco home without a dog…or two? What's an Abaco home without a cat? I've always been an animal lover. I don't believe in breeding when there are so many animals in need of homes. All my pets have been rescues and in many cases, they have adopted me! They have actually wandered to my home here in Abaco and I have adopted them. When I heard about the good work being done at Abaco Shelter, I wanted to get involved and help in any way I could. Abaco Shelter is run by a handful of volunteers and functions solely on donations from the public. There is no government grant in aid. This Abaco home provides a safe haven for abused and unwanted dogs. At present there are about 36 adult dogs and several puppies. Homes are found for some adult dogs and most of the puppies that come into the shelter. The shelter works with other organizations to facilitate adoptions in the U.S. and Canada so some of our Abaco dogs end up living abroad. It's so rewarding to visit the shelter; the dogs are so happy to have visitors. What they want most is love and attention. One of Abaco Shelter's main objectives is to reduce the stray and abandoned dog population of Abaco. To this end, they will hold the second Spay & Neuter Clinic on the weekend of April 25th through April 27th. Any donations to Abaco Shelter would be greatly appreciated. • Abaco real estate agent Shirley Carroll with her two rescues from Brenda Frank in Nassau.

Lukie, the black/white guy, is blind. Shirley and her husband, Peter, opened their door and hearts to him 11 years ago. Freckles, the white rescue, is the son of a pregnant rescue.

A cat also found her way to Shirley and Peter's door. She's aptly named Skinny Minny…because she is!