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Summer in a Bahamas Home - Our Sweet Secret

2014-06-23 10:42:46 by: AD
The summer has ushered in a bumper crop of sweet, juicy mangoes.

Every Bahamas home should have at least one mango tree. They're easy to grow and the results are soooo delicious.

Mangoes are a big part of island living. Sun-ripened to perfection, they're the centrepiece of Bahamas home entertainment.

They're served in spicy salsas, with shrimp and lobster, on green salads with pine nuts and many other ways.

Mangoes make the best desserts in the world. Fold mango in cakes and breads, bake in pies or top ice-cream with them. Sky's the limit.

One of the more popular ways to serve mangoes at home here in the Bahamas is in daiquiris and margaritas leaded and unleaded.

But ask any Bahamian the best way to eat a mango and they'll tell you without missing a beat sitting the crystal clear sea, letting the sweet juice run down your chin.