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Together at Home

2020-04-07 15:09:40 by: Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty

Bored? Frustrated? Flip the script.

You aren’t “stuck” at home, you are “safe” at home. 

As we follow the guidelines to quarantine at home with our immediate families, our Agents and Staff are taking a positive approach and making the most out of our time. Here are a few of our favourite tips:

Miss Your Colleagues and Work Environment? 

Schedule an office “Zoom” meeting and plan your day around educational webinars to strengthen your skills. Communication is key, keep connected, call and check in with your co-workers to maintain a positive office culture. 

Can’t go to the Gym? 

There are some wonderful gym apps, youtube videos and even live Zoom workout classes. You can get creative and use items around you home to “lift”, stretch and break a sweat. For Bahamians, be sure to comply to the Government Orders and workout on your own property, or your immediate neighbourhood only. And of course practicing safe social distancing. Here’s a great article about the best streaming workouts. Click Here

Your House needs some Love too? 


Utilize this time to do those DIY projects you've been putting aside. Involve your entire family to keep everyone busy: from paint projects, to pantry and closet organization, or donation piles for charity. Pinterest is a great resource for tips on DIY home projects. The only problem is which one to do first?! Click Here

Missing an Ingredient to Cook a Delicious Meal? 


Work on a plan for a vegetable and herb garden. There are many ways to grow fruits and vegetables from table scraps and salvaged seeds. From celery and onions to beets and ginger root. It's also a great way to keep your kids busy!

Kids are Bored? Driving you Nuts?

Easter break has begun for many students in the Bahamas. Online school has been a combination of fun and challenges and we can’t thank our teachers, parents and children enough for adapting so well to their new norm. A great way to entertain your children during break is to create a “Daily Activity Jar”. Have everyone in your family write down lots of activities on slips of paper (don’t be afraid to include a few chores!) and place them in the jar. The only rule is that you must finish each one before selecting another. A few of our favourites are Charades, Monopoly, take an online Cooking Lesson and setting up an Outdoor Movie Night in your garden under the stars.

Feeling Cooped up?

Medical experts say fresh air and exercise are important for your physical and mental health.

Here are some of the ways our agents are enjoying outdoor living in the Bahamas during our 24-hour curfew:

  • Swimming and Pool Games
  • Frisbee
  • Outdoor barbeques and dining under the stars
  • Garden yoga and exercise
  • Reading. Don’t have a new book? Amazon has a great assortment of Kindle books (they work well on phone & ipad's, you don’t need a Kindle)
  • Practicing outdoor photography skills while flowers are in full bloom
  • Simply sit and enjoy your surroundings (even better with an ocean view!)

Are the News Reports Becoming Too Much? 

Take a break. Schedule some downtime away from social media and the latest headlines. Family time is essential, and you'll find a break from the headlines, focusing on laughter and fun, is the perfect balance to brighten your day.

In the Market for that Perfect New Home?

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